“One of the most unique genre bending musical acts in recent memory.”
Indie Artists Alliance

Latest Music

Tacachale Chamer Orchestra’s latest EP, Patience Is a Disability, has dropped all over the place: 4 tracks that sound like Brian May (Queen) vs. Beastie Boys vs. Morrissey.

“Factory Farm” is the latest single from Tacachale Chamber Orchesta (August, 2016).

I Don’t Want a Hurricane single (June, 2016)

Read a detailed review from 24 Our Music here.

Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram single (March, 2016)

Ocean Floor Funeral mini-album (June, 2015)

“For those that want to expand their musical palette, they should take a listen to this album as soon as possible.” –Gas House Radio
“Tight ass production, lyrics I can project my own insecurities on, consistent and interesting tonal palettes, evocotive compositional choices.” –Incontinence of Sound


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