Ocean Floor Funeral

Released June, 2015

Ocean Floor Funeral is something of a therapeutic (mini-)album; certainly for me, as its writer and performer, and hopefully for you.  While some of the songs are quite old, I began recording the EP a few months after my mother died, which affects the overall mood, and directly informed the writing of the track, “What’s Your Home?”

The music contains, to some degree, the psychedelia of The Beatles, the harmonies of The Beach Boys, the cynicism of The Smiths, and the instrumentation of The Bluegrass Boys.  The vibe is comfortably melancholic, and melody is constant.  The lyrical topics are therapeutically depressing, and the instrumentation lush.

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Incontinence of Sound: “Tight ass production, lyrics I can project my own insecurities on, consistent and interesting tonal palettes, evocotive compositional choices.”
Rootstime (Belgian): “a somewhat bizarre record”
BabySue: “a whole lot of progressive creativity”
Music Street Journal: “deceptively complex”
Palace of Rock: “perhaps David Lynch will make a few calls once he hears about this strange band for the upcoming Twin Peaks episodes.”
Vents Magazine: “they go for epic without having to be loud.”
Skope Mag: “a tell-tale album of someone’s blurry faded memories”
Rock N’ Roll View: “Ocean Floor Funeral is delightful.”
No Depression: “The harmonies sound great and the song structure offers something new and unique.”
Indie Music Reviews: “…if you’re in a mood to cry or just want to listen to something that might express some sadness then this is the music for you.”
Indie Artists Alliance: “one of the most unique genre bending musical acts in recent memory”
Gas House Radio: “…for those that want to expand their musical palette, they should take a listen to this album as soon as possible…”
Band Blurb: “feels like a hallucinatory ride with unicorns…a creepy children’s show with disturbing dinosaurs”
All Whats Rock: “definitely more musically creative than [The Beatles] and [Beach Boys]”
Americana UK: “frustratingly brilliant”
No More Division: “Tacachale Chamber Orchestra is definitely onto something good with Ocean Floor Funeral.”


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